Underground pipe gallery gas application

2023-03-09 16:18:25

The comprehensive pipe gallery is the underground urban pipeline comprehensive corridor, that is, to build a tunnel space under the city, which integrates various engineering pipelines such as power, communication, gas, heat supply, water supply and drainage, and is equipped with special access holes, lifting holes and monitoring systems, and implements unified planning, design, construction and management. It is an important infrastructure and “lifeline” to ensure urban operation.

Hazards of underground pipe gallery: due to poor ventilation effect and long-term semi-closed state, the oxygen content in the underground comprehensive pipe gallery is thinner than that in the atmosphere, and the workers are vulnerable to hypoxia; In addition, when the pipeline is installed, it is necessary to weld, brush anti-rust paint and various finishing paints, which are easy to cause fire and combustion of materials and power cables; The long-term fermentation of urban sewage and sewage in the ponding pit of the pipe gallery may produce a certain amount of hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon monoxide, which may accumulate over time, and may also form a potential safety hazard (hydrogen sulfide may cause poisoning of line patrol personnel, while methane may form explosive mixed gas, which directly threatens the safety of the pipe gallery itself); There are many pipelines in the underground comprehensive pipe gallery. The lighting, ventilation, flood prevention, maintenance, fire protection and monitoring in the pipe gallery are more complex than those on the ground. Electrical fire and combustible gas explosion are very easy to occur, and the “chain reaction” is easy to occur after the accident, which increases the difficulty of rescue and disaster relief and accident disposal, and causes great losses to the safety of people’s lives and property.

Based on the national standards and the above introduction, it can be seen that the underground pipe gallery should be equipped with oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon monoxide detectors and methane detectors to prevent the danger before the overhaul and maintenance, and its importance is self-evident. The underground pipe gallery is equipped with corresponding sensors and alarms, which lead the monitoring signal from the feeding port to the ground through communication, and transmit it to the monitoring center through wireless communication (GPRS), and analyze the data through the supporting integrated management software. The software continuously collects the geographical location, measured value or working status of each measuring point. In case of any abnormality, the system will automatically generate an alarm (audible and visual alarm, short message alarm and email alarm are optional), and notify the relevant personnel at the first time to eliminate the possible dangerous situation in the bud, so as to avoid causing large economic losses and affecting the normal operation of the pipe gallery.

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