The role of ozone sensor in the face of ozone pollution

2023-03-23 16:39:37

Ozone is a light blue gas with a fishy odor and strong oxidative properties. In high-altitude areas, ozone has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays to protect organisms, but when it is close to the ground, it can harm human health, hence it is called the “guardian of the sky and the killer of the ground”, and summer is the peak season for ozone pollution.

There are significant differences in ozone concentration from ground level to an altitude of 50 km, and the effects and functions of ozone at different altitudes on the earth’s ecosystem are also different. There is a high concentration of ozone in the stratosphere, which can absorb most of the ultraviolet rays and play a role in protecting humans and other organisms. Therefore, the ozone layer in the stratosphere is the umbrella of the earth’s ecosystem.

If the ozone concentration in the troposphere (near the ground) increases, it will have harmful effects on human health. In the case of high ozone concentration, long-term inhalation of high concentrations of ozone can stimulate respiratory mucosa. Therefore, while taking measures to protect the ozone layer in the stratosphere, we must also prevent and control ground-level ozone pollution and improve public awareness of ozone health protection.

Ozone pollution has special conditions for its formation. Under conditions of high temperature, sufficient sunlight, and dry air, VOCs and NOx in the air meet to produce photochemical reactions and generate ozone pollution. Therefore, exceeding the ozone standard mostly occurs in summer and autumn when there is strong sunlight and high temperature. Nitrogen oxides are mainly from human emissions, mainly from vehicle exhaust, fossil fuel combustion, and industrial production processes. VOCs come from a wide range of sources, including emissions from petrochemicals, chemicals, furniture, printing and other industries and enterprises, as well as evaporation of oil and gas from vehicles and gas stations, and emissions of organic substances from auto repair paints, fumes, dry cleaners, etc.

With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, China’s ozone emissions have been continuously increasing, and ground-level ozone pollution is particularly prominent. Surface ozone has become one of the main air pollutants in rapidly developing urban areas. In order to improve environmental air quality and control summer ozone pollution, many cities in China have adopted corresponding ozone monitoring technology in atmospheric pollution prevention and control and strengthened the monitoring of ozone pollution.

Ozone sensors can effectively detect the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere. The detected ozone concentration data is reflected in the ozone monitoring instruments and equipment through its working principle. It can be said that ozone sensors have provided great help for the prevention and control of ozone pollution.

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