Smart manhole cover management and monitoring system

2023-04-18 09:03:09

Smart manhole cover management and monitoring system is an IoT-based monitoring command center, which integrates outdoor resources such as manholes, optical distribution cabinets, and poles. Based on the operation process of inspection, alarm, and construction maintenance, combined with IoT technology and big data technology, it realizes the all-round management of processes, personnel, and equipment. It is an important part of building “smart city management” and “smart city”. The smart manhole cover system completes the NB technology wireless intelligent communication between manhole covers and management personnel through intelligent sensing devices, IoT low-power communication network (NB-IoT), and a professional manhole cover management platform, thereby realizing the intelligent management of manhole covers.

 With the acceleration of urbanization, the development of municipal public facilities construction is growing rapidly. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has issued a notice on strengthening the safety management of urban manhole covers, which requires departments including urban water supply, drainage and gas supply, heat supply, real estate (property), power, telecommunications, radio, and television to implement digital management of manhole covers, realize effective social resource supervision, and ensure the personal safety of the people.

In the city, the probability of encountering manhole covers is much higher than that of encountering familiar bus stops. Although manhole covers, which are mostly integrated with the road surface, are often overlooked by passing citizens, they are a key barrier that separates the road surface and underground manholes, ensuring the safety of the people’s feet. Recently in Nansha District of Guangzhou, low-power IoT is gradually changing the management of manhole covers. With intelligent management methods, sudden “absences” of manhole covers can be quickly detected and solved, effectively avoiding accidents such as “eating tires” and “eating people” in the manholes.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of manhole covers in domestic cities reaches hundreds of millions, covering urban water supply, street lights, drainage, telecommunications, gas supply, heat supply, fire control, sanitation, real estate, and road construction. In addition, the number of newly added and replaced manhole covers in China is at least over 15 million per year. This means that the average number of manhole covers in each city is as high as tens of thousands, with a total of more than 20,000 newly added and replaced each year. However, most manhole covers still rely on traditional and inefficient management methods that require thousands of human resources. But if intelligent means replace manual inspections, such as using technology parks, it can not only release more human resources for society, but also further improve work efficiency. Meanwhile, as the power consumption of sensor devices is extremely low, they can work sustainably for more than 5 years. Smart manhole covers can effectively reduce the management cost of manhole covers as well.

The smart manhole cover management and monitoring system can monitor and alarm the concentration of combustible gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, etc. inside the manhole cover to ensure the safety of personnel entering the manhole cover. It uploads gas content, temperature, and humidity to the monitoring center through monitoring units. When the concentration of harmful gases is too high, the monitoring system will trigger an alarm.

Since there is not only one type of gas that needs to be detected under the manhole cover, multiple high-precision intelligent gas sensor modules must be integrated into the module. Gas sensors provided by Shanghai Sangbay include oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, combustible gas, and carbon monoxide sensors, which provide effective and reliable guarantees for environmental system monitoring in smart cities, smart factories, and underground urban pipelines. With the acceleration of urban construction, the demand for safety and functionality under manhole covers is increasing, making the intelligence of manhole covers an inevitable trend.

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